Women Laser Hair Removal

These days, it’s all you can do to find time to shower, much less shave or book an appointment for a wax. Though your appearance may seem trivial to the outside world, we all know the importance of self-confidence to our health and our success. You no longer have to compromise with Westwood Laser Med Spa. If you are looking for quick, painless and effective laser hair removal in Los Angeles, look no further than Westwood Laser Med Spa. We have partnered with Lumenis, a top laser hair removal company that developed the Duet Laser, which allows for unparalleled laser hair removal results.

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WOMEN laser hair removal in all different BODY types:

Back, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, Bikini, Chest, Underarms, and many more!

Free of Anesthetic

You don't need Anesthetic to  avoid pain

Safe on Sensitive Skin

You will not experience  rashes or Irritation 

Without Greasy Creams

Laser system is free of any any cream or gel 

Women Laser Hair Removal


It is one our missions to offer cost effective plans according to our client's budget


Remove unwanted hair and avoid daily shaving

Lasting & Fast

Our treatment plans are designed to be short sessions while its impact last a long time

The Duet laser is safe on sensitive skin

NO rashes or severe irritation